The Swedish sport media are bursting with excitement.

Unai Emery being shown the door at Arsenal has given Freddie Ljungberg the chance to take over on an interim basis. Nobody, including the former Gunner himself, knows how long the role will last for, but they’re going to enjoy it in Sweden nonetheless.

Fotbollskanalen have contacted Sven-Göran Eriksson, who worked in England as manager of the national team and then at Manchester City and Leicester City.

On his compatriot getting the chance to manage Arsenal, Eriksson said: “I have known Fredrik for a long time, but I have never seen him train and it has been a long time since I talked to Fredrik. I got to know him when I was living in England and he played there.

“But it’s fun and I am very happy for him. Run your own race Fredrik, it will go well.”

On what pressure Ljungberg will face whilst in charge of a club in the Premier League, the manager said: “Obviously it is one thing to be a youth coach, Arsenal is a huge club. For all major clubs in England, Europe and even in Sweden it is about being able to participate in European games. It is economics in the whole plus prestige. It’s a big job and challenging.”

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That the coach has such a big record with Arsenal as a player, and therefore will already be popular among fans, Eriksson said: “I think that is very important, it can only be an advantage for him. He knows the club inside and out so it’s good.”

On whether Ljungberg being an interim boss will relieve some of the pressure, the former England boss replied: “There are two things: I think he can handle it, when I knew him anyway. Like I said, I haven’t met him for many years but I think he’s a very cool guy who doesn’t stay awake at night or is nervous. Then Arsenal’s management and board must have seen something with him, he must have been very good at the job he had at Arsenal. Otherwise, he would never get this chance.”

Now it’s Freddie Ljungberg’s chance to shine and perhaps give himself a better change of a senior coaching role in the future.