While the English media report a certain confidence with Arsenal that a deal for Thomas Lemar could get done, L’Equipe in France try to play it down a little bit.

The French newspaper, posting an article on their website on Wednesday afternoon, explain that the interest from the Gunners really is there, with Arsène Wenger ‘doing everything’ to try and sign the French winger, but no bid has been accepted yet.

An offer has even been made, with L’Equipe explaining it’s ‘far more’ than the €30m Atlético Madrid offered last year for the former Caen forward.

Lemar is ‘a priority’ for the Premier League club, and is a long-term target of Wenger’s, who wanted him already when he was at Caen during the summer of 2015, and L’Equipe say he is ‘determined not to miss his target this time’.

All of this points to a transfer potentially happening, but the confidence described in the English media isn’t mentioned by their French counterparts.

Furthermore, if their offer is indeed ‘far superior’ to the €30m offered by Atlético, it’s likely more than the £30m (€34m) fee reported in England.

It’s all up to Monaco now, who don’t exactly need to sell, and Lemar, who could ask the club to accept the bid.

More to come on this undoubtedly in the coming days.