Even though Lucas Moura could never shine in Europe as expected, the media attention the player gets is still pretty big.

Constantly involved in transfer rumours, the Brazilian has now been at Paris Saint Germain for almost five years, since rejecting a transfer to Manchester United during the 2012 London Olympics.

Many rumours said he didn’t leave the French side this summer because he wanted to play alongside Neymar, but that wasn’t exactly a good decision. The arrival of the Brazilian star and Kylian Mbappé meant less game time for Moura.

Among the many transfer stories from the summer, a couple of clubs were repeatedly linked to him. One of them was Arsenal, whose interest was revealed by Goal and UOL in August.

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The rumour ended up being backed up by Alex, a former PSG player who, when speaking to the French media, claimed Lucas’ style would suit Arsenal.

Lucas Moura’s lack of game time is now obviously attracting other clubs, including from Brazil. Cruzeiro were recently rejected by the 25-year-old, and future vice-president Itair Machado explained the situation to Globo Esporte.

“I made an approach, talked to his agent, because he is a player being little used. And these players, when they are in this situation, are interested in returning to Brazil because of the World Cup, there is more visibility and possibility of being called up.

“But he has several offers to continue there, his wife is pregnant and doesn’t want to move now. We didn’t even start it. Not that the numbers are unreal, everything is possible within composition. A player needs to want to come first and, at the moment, he doesn’t want to return to Brazil. Then it is ruled out.”

With the only club mentioned in Globo Espote’s story being Inter Milan, it sounds like Arsenal would have a great chance in case they make a bid for him.

But that interest, of course, depends on how real the Brazilian stories are.