Earlier on Friday, we relayed news from Turkey that Arsenal had accepted an offer from Galatasaray for their right-back Mathieu Debuchy.

There was some confusion as to whether the offer was a permanent one or a temporary loan, and Goal in France have taken it upon themselves to clarify this.

They, according to their information, also state Arsenal have agreed terms with the Turkish club, but specify this deal will be a loan, and the player should join up with Galatasaray fairly soon.

The player was apparently waiting until preseason was over to make a decision regarding his future, but if both these reports should be believed, it’s been made for him.

However, and it’s a pretty big one, we did a bit of digging, and this article might not be quite as it seems.

The Goal France article was allegedly penned by someone called Chris Wheatley, which doesn’t sound very French at all, so we went over to the Goal UK page to see if there was a similar article.

There wasn’t.

Despite there being a Debuchy article, both said very different things.

Compared to its French counterpart, the Goal UK page merely states the player was offered to Galatasaray.

Nothing about an agreed fee or him being on the verge of a move.

Just that Debuchy ‘looks to be nearing the exit’.

Make of all this what you will.