Not called up to the France squad for the first time in quite some time, Olivier Giroud isn’t having the best start to the season, finding himself on the bench more often than not as well as suffering a toe injury.

The striker, who saw his first appearance for Arsenal this year delayed due to France’s progress in the Euros, is yet to score a goal and has only played 78 minutes of football so far.

Injury aside, Giroud’s return in the starting line-up at Arsenal is also being blocked by some of his teammates, currently in a rich vein of form, winning their last six games in the Premier League, including a 3-0 drubbing of rivals Chelsea.

Substituting him up front, Alexis Sanchez has scored three in his last three games, and even his teammates admit it’s going to be difficult for him to regain his spot.

Speaking to the press, relayed by InfoSport+, Laurent Koscielny said: “It’s difficult for Olivier Giroud at the moment, because Alexis Sanchez is currently ‘walking on water’ (in great form) at Arsenal.”

With a long season ahead, there’s no doubt the France striker will have his chance to shine at the London club at some point, but when he does, he’s going to have to make sure he grasps it with both hands, and holds on tight.

Otherwise, it could be a very long season for the former Montpellier goalscorer.