La Repubblica aren’t one of Italy’s most rumour hungry newspapers, but they’ve outdone themselves on Sunday.

In claims on the future of Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, it’s stated clubs including Real Madrid, Manchester United, PSG and Arsenal are interested in the midfielder.

But, in a further claim which is frankly astonishing, La Repubblica say two clubs stand out from the others in terms of their financial offer: Arsenal and PSG.

Those two are said to have devised offers for the player that, including bonuses, reach €150m. Whereas Manchester United and Real Madrid are only edging around the €120m figure.

Now, €150m from Arsenal is simply unthinkable, and that makes the rest of the claims questionable as well.

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La Repubblica say Milinkovic-Savic has a preference for United and is ‘tempted’ by working with Jose Mourinho. Whilst that’s what fans of the club will want to hear, it has to be taken in the context of coming a few lines after the same article claimed a €150m offer from Arsenal.

Lazio are said to want at least €150m.