If Manuel Pellegrini was to be asked which players he’d most like to return from international duty healthy then Marko Arnautovic would be pretty high on the list.

The former Stoke City player has made himself an important part of the team and a fan favourite since making the move to West Ham.

He scored 11 Premier League goals last season and added six assists, and has five goals and an assist so far in the current campaign.

But there’s a knee issue, reports Salzburger Nachrichten.

It’s reported the player’s left knee has been ‘injured for weeks’ and ‘still causes problems’. Due to the ongoing nature of the issue, it’s stated he’s ‘sometimes treated with syringes’.

The Austrian newspaper quotes Arnautovic as saying: “I cannot say if I’ll get an injection on Thursday.

“Of course there are people who say they should spare themselves and do nothing for a week, but it’s just difficult.”

West Ham fans would probably rather their player spared himself, especially with Salzburger Nachrichten adding ‘fluid accumulates again and again’ on the knee.

Austria face Bosnia & Herzegovina on November 15th, and then Northern Ireland on the 18th.