Mauricio Pochettino probably isn’t as famous in Argentina as he is in England these days. It’s relatively rare that the Tottenham manager gets close attention, although the club’s title challenge was followed last season.

However, Argentine newspaper Ole have an article in their Tuesday edition sending some praise Pochettino’s way. It all comes in the wake of diving accusations aimed at Dele Alli, after he won a penalty against Swansea City.

Alli has received widespread criticism but Pochettino has stuck up for his player, and pleased Ole at the same time. Ole take a pride in that Pochettino gave it back to the English media by presenting the Michael Owen dive from the 2002 World Cup.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 13.56.29Ole, perhaps over exaggerating it for an Argentine audience, say that Pochettino, with a faint voice, sent a whole load of ammunition to the English media after their ‘sneering’ questions.

The newspaper say Pochettino’s comments about players in the past training how to dive, couple with him saying diving is prevalent in England, caused a stir: ‘The reaction in the media around the world was huge. Pochettino is a lord. But he goes head-on.’

Pochettino has ‘vi­ve­za crio­lla’ say Ole, a term used in Argentina to describe someone being street-smart, a step ahead.