Sergio Romero’s links with Boca Juniors are turning out to be a much more interesting rumour than it seemed during the early reports.

It was the Argentine newspaper Olé who broke the story yesterday. After Edgardo Bauza said Romero could lose his national team spot for not be getting minutes at Manchester United, Boca Juniors would have seen this an opportunity to bring him to the club.

The updates from today say that Boca genuinely got in touch with Romero’s agent, and became aware of the goalkeeper’s situation at Old Trafford.

So here comes the twist: Romero wants to stay, and his biggest motivation is that David De Gea would be leaving the club at the end of the season.

gx8dCPLAOlé claims that the Spaniard would be completing the move that wasn’t done one and a half years ago because of a two minute delay. Even though they don’t mention the destination, this is obviously the failed transfer to Real Madrid.

So what Boca are offering is a loan contract which would keep Romero at the club for only sixteen matches. Then he could return to Manchester, where he’d fight for the number one spot.

Olé probably have no idea of the groundbreaking story they’re publishing, as apart from saying that Manchester United “will in June surely detach from De Gea”, don’t give much attention to it.

Romero is said to be analysing the offer with his family. He knows this is a vital point of his career, since the World Cup Qualifiers have been pretty important for Argentina and he can’t lose his place. Being a starter for a big club like Boca Juniors isn’t a bad deal either. What goes against it is the dream of becoming Manchester United’s number one.