Major Argentine newspaper La Nación today features an interesting piece about the ‘mystery’ around Marcelo Bielsa’s contract situation with Leeds United.

They claim that at the start of August, when they contacted the Whites’ board, they received positive signals about the renewal, getting messages like: ‘We’re working on that. We are optimistic. We hope there’ll be news soon.’

Now besides there being no official announcement regarding the situation, La Nación report they’re getting no reply from Leeds United when asking about progress.

The newspaper considers it unlikely that Marcelo Bielsa would leave the club so close to start the Premier League season. Especially because he’s been working normally and never left the city.

However, they point out the ‘secrecy’ around the situation.

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La Nación recalls that Bielsa has had many problems with clubs and national team boards before, and that’s why they don’t completely rule out an unexpected departure this time.

They also point out that the Elland Road side haven’t been posting any pictures with the manager, and it’s actually easier to see photos of him with fans in Leeds.

But with Leeds United announcing big signings in the past few days, La Nación still believe Bielsa will be in charge of the club when they face Liverpool for the first fixture of the Premier League.

They’re just a bit intrigued at the silence from Elland Road.