Several reports from Argentina today claim that the River Plate midfielder Santiago Sosa is making a move to Everton this summer.

The first one to report a deal was La Pagina Millionaria, which is a fansite of the Buenos Aires club. They say the Toffes are triggering the player’s US$15m release clause.

What is left for the move is his work permit, and the website claims that his staff is already in England trying to sort it out.

After La Pagina Millonaria said the visa is ‘the last obstacle’ for things to get done, other local outlets started reporting the deal too.

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All the claims are very similar, but the best come from Tablon Radial, who managed to speak to the player’s father.

Juan Sosa has confirmed the deal, despite saying that he still needs the work permit and will be getting an EU passport this year.

“I know that Gallardo talked to him but he didn’t tell me what they talked about, the idea is that once his participation in the U-20 World Cup is done, he comes to Buenos Aires, and travels to Liverpool to sign his contract, I will accompany him”, Juan Sosa told Tablon Radial (via AS Argentina).

“Now, it’s not closed because the signature is missing. This happened like that, it got done now. I hope that Santi can return and play again for River once again. Santi is missing a work visa, he’s going as a young talent. The community passport will be obtained by the end of the year. He’s spoken to the sports director and manager Silva, he knows him and wants him”.