Just in case you’ve missed it, earlier today we published a story gathering the claims from the Argentine press regarding Lionel Messi’s request to leave Barcelona.

Local outlets are full of stories about their biggest star today, recalling his two decades at the Catalan side, and now wondering where he’s going next.

Diário Olé, the biggest sports newspaper in the country, brings a long list of clubs who could end up taking Lionel Messi from the Camp Nou this summer.

We better make it clear that they don’t seem to have any information on it, as all they do is identify the sides who’d have the conditions to sign the Argentine star.

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Before reading the story, we thought we’d be seeing the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United in that list. And they are indeed there, along with the likes of PSG, Inter Milan, Juventus and Milan.

But there’s one more English  side included in the story, and that’s Arsenal. They write that the Gunners ‘are another great of the Premier League that could open the wallet and Messi would be a luxury reinforcement’.

However, the outlet also points out that Arsenal don’t plan to spend much following the Coronavirus crisis. That’s a ‘trend that has been repeated throughout the years’, Olé says.

Without a big budget and out of the next Champions League, we wonder which arguments Arsenal would have to attract Lionel Messi to North London. Perhaps that’s also the thought of Arsenal fans, who had an interesting reaction to this rumour.