If you’ll indulge us for a moment, this is how we currently see the Bruno Fernandes situation, regardless of what is being claimed anywhere, and based on reading between the lines rather than direct information.

Sporting have given the player’s agent, Miguel Pinho, a price to hit. That may be €70-80m, but there’s a good chance they’d snatch a straight €60-65m gladly.

The agent has been travelling between Portugal and England, trying his best to convince someone to come up with the money, or at least close to it, but he’s not getting much joy from Manchester United and Tottenham.

They value the player at a lower price, and are perhaps delaying things to see what happens with Paul Pogba and Christian Eriksen.

That leaves Sporting and Pinho in a pickle, so they look around for other interest to both pressure those two or perhaps find a new destination. Liverpool have been linked, and Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan also pulled into the reckoning on occasion, although there doesn’t seem to be a great deal in the Spanish or Italian media.

A Liverpool offer was originally mentioned around 10 days ago, and then on June 20th, Correio da Manha, who had the offer claim, said Jurgen Klopp’s side won’t go beyond that £40m… that’s their lot.

Today’s edition of Jornal de Noticias claims a source has told them Liverpool have been the latest club to show up: ‘The approach came last week and could bear fruit in the near future.’

In the scheme of things, it feels believable, but doesn’t back up an offer, with it being made clear there’s been no official bid from Anfield.

That could mean they’ve spoken about paying £40m, potentially with the agent.

Sporting believe a sale to the Premier League is best, according to the same report, because they’d get more of the money in one go.

It’s a tricky time for the Lisbon club, as nobody seems both ready and willing to pay what they want. Bruno scored 32 goals last season and made 18 assists, it’s a sure bet the 24 year old is unlikely to match those figures in the next campaign.

His value may drop, and a decision needs to be made.

Sporting also have another problem. There’s been countless Portuguese claims that Bruno’s contract includes a clause entitling him to €5m if an offer worth €35m or more is rejected… that obviously only counts once.

Being pessimistic, Sporting could find themselves €5m down with a player left disappointed by the lack of a transfer, and with his value potentially plummeting.

But they’re proud and any transfer needs to presented as a win, rather than a negotiation collapse. That leads to the possibility of a relatively low fee, perhaps that £40m of Liverpool’s, and lots of bonuses making a number which can be put in lights.

And that’s from any of the clubs involved.

JN report Rafael Camacho is still very much wanted by the Liga NOS side, although it’s not thought he’d be part of a Bruno deal… Sporting want money.