The past year in football has been especially dramatic, even for a game which manages to throw up drama at any moment.

Restrictions related to Covid-19 have seen sagas around international football, which came to a head at the weekend as Brazil versus Argentina was called off, and months before that came the soap-opera of the European Super League.

Top clubs around the continent signalled their intention to take part in a new competition. The idea didn’t last long as fans, especially those in England, demonstrated against their clubs. Those not involved, such as Leeds United, also made their displeasure very clear.

It would have been a closed shop, meaning clubs like Leeds had no chance of making it to the competition and would forever be cemented behind some of their rivals.

Andrea Radrizzani was against the plan, and now Marco Borriello, a friend of the Leeds United owner, has underlined the Italian’s stance against it all.

Speaking to La Repubblica, the former footballer said: “I never believed in the Super League. They tried it, they didn’t make it and they made a fool of it. Even my friends, the owners of Ibiza and Radrizzani of Leeds, did not believe it. Football is the sport of national championships. those that enhance the passion of the people. They would make a new Super-champions, but football is Atalanta that in the logic of the Super League would not be there but then comes second.”