Andre Gomes to Tottenham, feeding on itself?

Often Andre Gomes to Tottenham transfer rumours feel like they appear because there’s already been Andre Gomes to Tottenham transfer rumours.

Bouncing between England and Spain, the rumour seems to feed on itself rather than any tangible interest coming from Spurs in the Portugal international.

When it all kicked off, last year from the Spanish media, it wasn’t clear if it was Tottenham going for Gomes, or the player being offered on a platter to the Premier League club.

Marca, a Madrid leaning newspaper, reported he’d been offered ‘almost free’ to Spurs, but other claims stated Tottenham had made an effort and been knocked back because Barcelona weren’t completely decided on a transfer.

This all tangled in with copycat claims from England, and even now it’s really easy to find a recent link between Spurs and the player, although they usually come from England these days.

What we have now is the English media pushing the idea of a Tottenham move, and the Catalan media pushing the idea of a move generally.

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Sport present a summer transfer as almost certain, saying Gomes doesn’t feature in the future plans of Ernesto Valverde. That’s no surprise, he simply hasn’t risen to the occasion when given the chance, and he’s certainly had enough chances.

Discarded from the match-day squad for the Copa del Rey final at the weekend, Sport believe Gomes has now got the message and is keen on a move himself.

Barcelona want to get as much as possible back of the fee they paid Valencia (€35m plus a further €20m in variables), but will be fortunate to get close to a €30m+ initial fee.

Andre Gomes Tottenham

Gomes recently spoke openly about his struggles coping with the pressure at Barcelona, revealing, bravely, the stress it was causing him and impact on his mental state.

A move to the pressure cooker of the Premier League may not be the best option for the midfielder, and Tottenham would surely have to take that into account.

That’s if there’s any interest at all, because we have a suspicion this is all feeding on itself.