So many sources, especially in Italy, have their own take on Carlo Ancelotti to Everton that it’s impossible to cover them all, but one from Corriere della Sera stands out if only for the poetic nature of it.

The major Italian newspaper reports Ancelotti has been in a suite ‘overlooking Albert Dock’ for the past three days. It’s explained that Napoli and Liverpool are similar cities, at least when it comes to their devotion to football.

So the Italian manager has been holed up in Liverpool ‘looking at the sea’, whilst ‘trying to forget Vesuvius, sun and pizza’.

Ancelotti will now travel to Napoli to speak to Aurelio De Laurentiis and get the Napoli president to release him from his contract to allow the Everton move.

De Laurentiis is a film producer and Corriere della Sera state: ‘There is a similarity that almost makes you smile: Ancelotti moves from cinema to theatre, the president of the Liverpool club Bill Kenwright is a showman, one of the most important theatre producers in England.’

That’s probably where the similarities end.

Everton’s ambition is once again covered for an Italian audience. The majority of what people in Italy hear about football on Merseyside relates to Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp and the success of the Reds, but it’s made very clear the Goodison Park club have big plans for the future and the finances to match them.

Of course, it’ll be a long road to getting even close to challenging Klopp’s men, so Everton’s first target under Ancelotti would be getting the club into the top seven of the Premier League, although that’s unlikely this season.