Even though Manchester United secured qualification for the FA Cup final, that clearly didn’t happen the way they wanted.

With Coventry City nearly making an heroic 4-3 comeback, the Red Devils lived a huge drama at Wembley, until they finally managed to win on penalties.

Manchester United midfielder Casemiro spoke to the Brazilian media after the match, with TNT Sports journalist Fred Caldeira asking him whether he sees the cup half full or half empty after such a rollercoaster of emotions.

The 32-year-old started by highlighting how the Red Devils have been struggling to control the good results during the season.

“It’s hard to explain. It’s a bit like our team this season. Very high and low in the same game. I’d say 70, 75 minutes, It was a calm game. A controlled game. Then a team panic. I think it’s always the team. It’s not saying one or the other. A team panic. We lost control of the game. It’s been very hard to have these highs and lows.”

Casemiro also talked about the injuries in the squad, revealing that Harry Maguire had to play injured, and pointing out he had to change positions once again.

“Today I played as a defender. We have six defenders. H, Maguire, was injured. He played injured this game. Since the beginning he was injured. He played injured in the last match. I played as a central defender. I don’t know how many injuries we have from different players. I think it can never be an excuse for such a big team with so many players. But it ends up hurting.”

The Brazilian now insists he’s focused on still achieving good results with Manchester United this season, especially with some potential rest coming up.

“Now we have two games at home. We know that we are very strong at home. So we have to take advantage of that too. And then I think we have eight days to rest. To work, to recover. I hope the players come back too. This is important for us.”

Manchester United and Casemiro now have to try and make the best out of the rest of the camping, with many rumours suggesting the Brazilian won’t be at Old Trafford next season.