It hasn’t been an easy campaign for Gabriel Jesus, at least in terms of scoring. The striker, who struggles to fill the void left by Sergio Aguero at Manchester City, only had two Premier League goals this season before the weekend’s match against Liverpool.

Now it turns out that the Brazilian managed to score an important goal in the 2-2 draw, and speaking to ESPN Brasil after the match, talked about his ups and downs, pointing out the change of positions he’s having in the team.

“The years go by, and since when I got here, I have good numbers of both games and goals,” Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus told ESPN Brasil.

“Helping my team, obviously when it comes to the squad we have, it’s always changing, it’s always changing parts… This season, I’ve been playing a lot as a winger and not as a striker. I’m happy to have the option to play open or centrally and, finally, I hope that after this game I can regain confidence and go back to being the usual Gabriel.”

Left out by Tite in Brazil’s last call-up, Gabriel Jesus risks losing the World Cup this year.

There were already hard feelings for him not having scored any goals in Russia in 2018, despite starting all games, and the current season with Manchester City now

However, the manager was in Manchester for that match, and perhaps could give the striker some hope of making it to the squad.