Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson was clearly unhappy with the club’s 1-1 draw against West Ham United at the London Stadium last night.

Despite opening the scoring, the Reds soon conceded an equaliser and lost the chance of winning an important away match to stay four points clear of Manchester City in the Premier League table.

The result now means they can be passed by Pep Guardiola’s side tonight, as City face Everton at the Goodison Park with only two points less than Liverpool.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil’s Natali Gedra after the game, Alisson mostly blamed the psychological aspects of the team, saying they made some mistakes they normally don’t.

“I believe we had glimpses into the game. Some moments of insecurity,” Alisson told ESPN Brasil.

“We started well, we started the match well. We started ahead. From the moment we started to miss some passes, some silly passes that we are not used to missing, I think the team lost a little confidence in the match, I think the opposing team also gained confidence.”

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Now looking ahead, the goalkeeper claims that with only 13 more fixtures to go, Liverpool can’t afford to have these kind of lapses if they want to win league and not succumb to Manchester City.

“We have to be prepared to fight everything. All the adverse circumstances that come our way. I believe our team is on the right track. Now we do not have much room for hesitation. If we want to be champions, we have to win everything from now on.”

The Reds now prepare to welcome Bournemouth at Anfield Road in the Premier League at the weekend. After that, it’s time to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League Round-of-16.