The Chilean press continues to cover Manchester United’s ‘crisis’ on a weekly basis, no matter if Alexis Sanchez has been involved in the losses or not.

Actually, his absence from the League Cup game against Derby County is exactly what makes La Tercera’s headline today, saying ‘Alexis isn’t there even for the shame’.

The story claims that Sanchez has been living ‘his worst form in English football’, especially because ‘not even at Arsenal he was a target for so much criticism’.

They point out that Sanchez’s ‘goal average fell apart’, as the player hasn’t ‘officially scored since April’.

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Newspaper El Mercurio also writes about the loss, saying the ‘Theatre of Dreams has become a Red Nightmare’ once again.

Although there’s not much to say about Sanchez, they recall that even not being involved in the game, he was a target of criticism as he’s included in Marca’s ‘The Worst’ awards earlier this week.

It’s interesting that even though local newspapers used to blame Arsenal for the lack of Sanchez’s success in the past, they now acknowledge how poor their national team star has been.