Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez is back in the headlines in Chile. This time, it has nothing to do with the end of his relationship with Mayte Rodriguez. It’s actually about his commitment to the national team.

The striker, just like other South American stars, asked not to be called up for this international break. It was alleged that the trip from Europe to Asia would be too tiring for him, and manager Reinaldo Rueda was fine to let him sit out.

However, Sanchez was spotted in Chile this weekend. As reported by La Tercera, the player landed in his home country on Friday and returned to England on Monday. That means that long flights weren’t a problem for him.

Interestingly, La Tercera has one man to blame, and it’s not the Manchester United player. They criticise Rueda for not talking about the subject in press conferences.

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“In the list of 24 called up, two have been dropped. This conference is to talk about the game. Alexis doesn’t figure and his situation has nothing to do with this game,” said the manager.

Now although Rueda is protecting Alexis for now, maybe the boss didn’t know about the Manchester United player’s trip to Chile. Let’s see his this case will be handled before the next international break.