On September 18th, French journalist Mohamed Bohafsi reported Manchester United had agreed a five-year contract with Alex Telles, personal terms were all sorted out, and it was just a case of agreeing a fee with FC Porto.

Today’s he’s returned to the file and claimed the Premier League club have made a second offer for the left-back, without revealing the amount, and that Telles has ‘agreed to join them’.

Negotiations are said to be ongoing, and there’s no indication whether Porto will receptive to this claimed offer.

Meanwhile, the reporting from Portugal has been generally calm again on Tuesday, with it explained both sides in the talks are stuck in their positions and unwilling to compromise much.

The Alex Telles to Manchester United story gained fresh impetus after the club reportedly lost out on Sergio Reguilon. There’d been repeat claims in both the Spanish and English media suggesting a move to Old Trafford was imminent, but all the time there was the problem of a buyback clause.

Real Madrid were insistent on one, and perhaps the bigger hurdle was the player himself being keen on having the chance to return to the Spanish side one day. Tottenham agreed to the clause, and that saw Reguilon join Jose Mourinho at Spurs.

In the aftermath of that, A Bola kicked off the Telles claims again, yet it didn’t really take hold across the Portuguese media. As the final week of the transfer window arrived, there were reports that not a lot was happening, with Porto becoming impatient over the situation.

Manchester United were told they needed to hurry things along and meet the player’s asking price of at least €20m.