In their Monday edition, Tuttosport again feature Matteo Darmian. It would be a surprise if they hadn’t, given they continue presenting the fullback’s transfer as almost done.

On Sunday the Turin newspaper said Darmain moving from Manchester United to Juventus this summer is ‘90% on’, and that comes after claims the player has already given his approval.

Darmian has even spoken publicly about the potential transfer, making it clear it’s an idea which pleases him, and the only issue which would remain, if this isn’t all make-believe, is agreeing a fee with Manchester United.

Some fans of the Premier League club may well be happy to see the back of Darmian in exchange for a packet of grissini and a tub of pesto, but Ed Woodward will want to get as much money back as possible, if only to save face.

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With the Daily Darmian out of the way, let us move on to Alex Sandro.

A Juventus exit for the Brazilian is continually being talked up in the Italian media, and Tuttosport today link Manchester United and PSG. On Sunday they said he’s only 10% sure to be at Juventus next season, which is a crude example of how things are currently seen in Turin.

This may lead fans of United and other potential English destinations to think: ‘Blimey, he’s one of the best, we’ll have him’

It’s worth nothing there’s a reason he’s being edged out of Juventus, and that’s because he hasn’t been at the height of his ability consistently enough.

This seems to happen with Sandro.

When he first arrived there was so much fanfare about him being on a road to becoming the best fullback on the planet, and then Patrice Evra arrived and largely took his place.

Sandro can blow very hot and cold, but he’s 27 years of age and that’s a Mourinho attractive age.

Could we see Jose being tempted by Sandro? Absolutely.

Is this all being set for reports of a Darmian + cash deal? You know it.