Alejandro Sabella continues to struggle with health issues, according to reports from South America today.

The former Argentina manager was close to being cleared to go home following his hospitalisation last week, but there was a setback last night.

Now Sabella, who played for Leeds United and Sheffield United, was taken to a facility for intensive care, according to TyC Sports.

It’s said he got a virus from the hospital which made his heart condition worse. His state is said to be ‘delicate’ at the moment, as he’s been needing assistance to breathe.

Sabella’s work as a manager of Estudiantes and the Argentina national team is what makes him a public figure in his country these days, but he’s remembered in England for playing for Sheffield United and Leeds United.

The Argentine media routinely make sure to say that Sabella left a good impression everywhere he worked, and that’s when Leeds and Sheffield United often come into the discussion given how unusual those transfers were at the time.

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When Sabella was taken to the hospital last week, his family told the Argentine media it was possibly related to the death of Diego Maradona. Since then, he’s been getting several messages from Argentine clubs and personalities, as well as the national team.