Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero has given an exclusive interview to ESPN Brasil ahead of the new season. Speaking to reporter João Castelo Branco, the Argentine international spoke about the change of manager, new signings, and expectations for the Premier League.

“I believe it’s going to be different”, said Aguero. “We’re playing in another way, there are signings coming. It’s always good we have reinforcements to help the team. I believe it’s going to be different. But last season being fourth was not what we wanted, so we know that this time we have to be in a better position.”

When asked about Pep Guardiola, Agüero said: “Truth is he’s a totally different manager from the previous ones. He’s a happy manager, he’s glad everyday, but… ‘let’s go!’. He’s a demanding manager. And it’s good because we’re adapting to what he wants and we’re doing on the pitch what is demanded in training. And it’s so much better to keep growing as a team.”

Due to the other clubs being bust over the summer, the striker believes the season is going to be special: “The others are strengthening very well. Some have new managers. It’s going to be a hard Premier League like every year, but this year it’s going to different, it’s going to be beautiful. Our goal is to go game after game and obviously to win it.”

Agüero also talked about Manchester City’s new signing Gabriel Jesus, who will only join the club in January: “I’ve seen him play, he’s a skilful striker, very quick. And he’s young, so City bet on him because he’s young too. It’s also nice to have another striker to compete and to be different for those who will play. We’ll always welcome him with open arms here, we’ll help him, make sure we explain to him how is the Premier League”.

The Argentine also left the wonderkid a message: “Gabriel, we’re waiting for you. Keep giving your best for your club, which you’re doing very well. We’ll be waiting for you at City so you can grow as a player and win important things.”