Back in June of last year, many stories in the Brazilian media reported that Everton star Richarlison was being sued by his former agents, with a legal officer visiting the player at the national team’s headquarters.

The representatives were charging the player for the payment of commissions from his transfers to Fluminense, Watford and the Toffees, as they claimed there was a contract which was ignored when the forward started working with new agents.

Now as the process goes on, the officials who were trying to receive the money ended up being fined by the Brazilian justice system, according to UOL.

That’s because they tried for a free trial, claiming they’d have no money to pay for lawyers. So judge Luciana Novakoski not only revoked their request, but also sentenced them to pay a fine of R$870k (£140k).

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Richarlison’s former agents, from LM Sports, are trying to receive a total of R$19.7m (£3.17m) which refers not only to the commissions from his transfers, but also 5% of his salary between 2015 and 2020.

During this time, the Everton player had been working with agent Renato Velasco, who’s still expected to be in charge of the 24-year-old’s future this summer.