This week, reports from the Spanish media claimed that Atletico Madrid are interested in signing Murillo from Nottingham Forest.

It was claimed that the clubs have a great relationship, and with the Tricky Trees potentially needing to sell because of PSR, the Colchoneros could have an easier task in finding a deal.

The news eventually reached Brazil, causing journalist Jorge Nicola to go after the story, where he brings a very interesting update about it.

The report says he got in touch with one of Murillo’s representatives, and this person confirmed that agent Giuliano Bertolucci is currently in touch with Nottingham Forest’s owner to make the transfer to Atlético Madrid happen.

Murillo’s first season at Nottingham Forest has been very much highlighted in his home country lately.

As UOL today writes about the new faces that might show up at the national team, they have a nice paragraph about the player, referring to him as the ‘best Brazilian surprise in England’ this season.

They feel that he has become the team’s best player, and the hope over at the Tricky Trees would be to make a ‘big profit’ on him in the summer transfer window.