For the past couple of weeks, there have been many claims regarding the race for Peñarol youngster Facundo Pellistri.

Besides reports from the Uruguayan media, the Spanish press has also been fuelling the rumours, claiming that the likes of Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Newcastle United and Real Madrid are all after the 18-year-old.

Pellistri’s agent Nicolás Rotundo has been interviewed by Uruguayan radio show La Oral Mediodia this week, and had very interesting claims about the chase for the youngster.

Speaking of the clubs who’ve been in touch for the player, he covered each one of them, and even added Manchester United to the list of pretenders.

“Real Madrid made an approach, the City group also, Manchester United, Newcastle were mentioned but I can’t confirm it. The MLS also had several approaches from various teams, they even wanted to take him in the last window,” he said (via El Observador).

“There are offers and the Uruguayan teams need to sell. Hopefully he can stay a long time in Peñarol, but for the future of the player and even for the club that needs sales, he could leave. Likewise, as there have been approaches, there’s nothing concrete on the table. Yes, there are many interested parties and we have spoken with several clubs.”

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“If today they come with a good offer it’s difficult for the player and for the club to say no. But hopefully he can continue, demonstrate himself, grow and give joy to the people of Peñarol.

“As a preference, the Spanish market would be ideal.”

Rotundo was also asked about a controversy regarding the percentages that they’d get from a transfer. But he cooled down the story, claiming the agents have a very good relationship with Peñarol and would have no problems in case of a move.

“We are the representatives and there’s already an agreement with the club. We are clear that the player is from the club and we will not have problems with Peñarol because we have more players in the institution and because we are also fans; there were never problems. I don’t understand why they are making so much fuss with numbers when there is still nothing concrete. There are approaches, but nothing concrete. With the club we are not going to have problems.”