Jorginho to Manchester City has been a very public transfer saga. There’s been leaks from both sides, with City clearly wanting it known they have other targets, and Napoli getting their strong hand out there.

On top of that the player’s agent has spoken repeatedly about interest from various clubs, and specifically Manchester City. Joao Santos clearly wants to get the deal done for his client but there’s not an awful lot he can do if the two clubs remain apart on fee.

Speaking to CalcioNapoli24, Santos has been very clear about how he and Jorginho see the situation: “Manchester City? We must not be hypocrites, any player would like to go and start for Guardiola.

“I don’t have to say anything to the president of Napoli, if he is convinced about the deal and wants to make the sale, he will. But if he believes that Jorge can still do well staying at Napoli, then he’ll keep him.

“Jorginho is a great professional but this is the opportunity of his life and for his family, if he doesn’t go to Manchester he won’t be very happy.”

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If that was the case, and the midfielder doesn’t move, then Napoli would likely have to give him an extension to ease the disappointment, but Santos said there’s been no talks regarding that yet.

There’s no indication from the agent what the gap is between offer and asking price. Santos said “there’s a gap” between the clubs and Manchester City are “working for a second choice”.