Leeds United star Raphinha became Brazil’s newest sensation following the latest international break, as he had three superb displays in his first games for the national team.

With Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds not seen by South Americans as a huge club, there’s now of course the questions about why he isn’t playing for the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City or Manchester United in the Premier League.

So UOL columnist Ricardo Perrone features a story about Raphinha’s price. He took Trnasfermarkt’s valuation, which is €32m, and asked big agents if that would correspond to reality.

One of the officials interviewed was Raphinha’s representative, Deco, who didn’t want to tease much with a potential move out away from Leeds United.

“I don’t know how they do it. I don’t understand Transfermarkt’s evaluations,” Deco told UOL. “I think now it should go up.”

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Meanwhile, Eduardo Uram claimed that in case Raphinha leaves Leeds United for another Premier League club, then his price should rise a lot more.

“I think today he’s worth more than €32m. What will determine the price is the level of the club that signs him. If it’s Manchester United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, the price could reach around €60m. What determines the price of a player is the market he hits.”

Giuliano Bertolucci, whose work with Premier League clubs is well known, claims Raphinha should be worth around €50m. “A player who plays in the Premier League is worth a lot in the domestic market,” he says.

Last week, Deco confirmed that Liverpool have been interested in the Leeds United star, also claiming that he’s been getting approaches for a move. Now whoever wanted him last summer will certainly have to pay more for a transfer next year.