Lucas Torreira’s move to Atletico Madrid on deadline day was very much overshadowed by the Thomas Partey drama. Diego Simeone saw Partey as crucial to his team, and had proven that repeatedly with his selection choices, so to lose the midfielder to Arsenal in such a way was a big blow.

Initially, there was lots of anger from the Spanish media, with Arsenal and Partey receiving criticism. Annoyance revolved around the lack of communication with Atletico, with it being thought the Gunners should have informed the Madrid club much earlier.

That annoyance is now giving way to the likely reality. There’s simply no way Atletico were caught completely by surprise. Partey’s father had said on repeat occasions this year that a move to Arsenal was very much a possibility, and even the Spanish media are now questioning Atleti’s stance.

On Wednesday we covered claims which doubted very much that Partey hadn’t come up during the Torreira discussions, which had been ongoing for some time.

The Uruguayan’s agent has now spoke about his own player’s transfer saga, and said there were agreements with three other clubs.

Pablo Bentancur spoke to 100%Deporte, and is quoted by TMW as saying: “There was an agreement with Fiorentina, Roma and Lazio, but Lucas Torreira only wanted Atletico Madrid.”

In Italy, there had been claims of a permanent Torreira exit to Serie A, which would have been a better scenario for Arsenal. As it stands, Bentancur has suggested there’s buying option for Atletico, partly down to the Partey situation: “No agreement was found, now everything will depend on his performance. There is no purchase option because Arsenal had to pay the clause.”

Atletico’s victim stance is losing plausibility.