Flamengo are living a superb moment in the Brazilian league, as they’ve built a team full of stars and now chase the title, leaving most of their fans on their toes about anything that happens to the club.

They have the biggest fanbase in Brazil, so every piece of news about the Rio de Janeiro side can take on big proportions in a matter of minutes. And that’s what happened earlier today, when a tweet said that Manchester City were ready to bid £26.5m for the fullback Jorge.

The information spread quickly, and a few minutes after Flamengo fans started sending messages to TV programs asking the journalists if they knew something about the transfer.

Rádio Brasil ended up calling Eduardo Uram, Jorge’s agent, asking about the contacts. He reportedly said: “I can’t say yes or no, but Jorge deserves to go to a club of Manchester City’s level.”

Well, the problem is that the first source was nothing but information made up by fans who were just making a joke on Twitter.

There’s no such thing as ESPN Radio in Brazil anymore, as it was closed last year. Plus Allefe Soares is just a Flamengo supporter who was involved in the prank.

The agent is probably loving the story, though.