As soon as Tottenham Hotspur placed their bid for Porto star Luis Diaz this week, the Portuguese media started claiming the offer would not be enough to take the 25-year-old.

There were two reasons for that. Firstly, because the amount didn’t match the price requested by the Dragons. Then it was also claimed that Spurs weren’t a convincing destination for the player.

Now even though those claims made the move sound quite unlikely, it looks like Diaz’s agents have looked to calm things down a little.

According to SIC Notícias (via Cabine Desportiva), the representative has denied that there was a refusal to Tottenham, and highlighted the winger’s wish of playing in the Premier League.

Reports from Portugal on Thursday claimed that Tottenham have ‘not given up’ on the chase for Diaz, while Porto will only sit and negotiate for the player in case there’s an offer of €60m.

Still, several stories said the winger would rather join the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool than signing for Spurs.

The early hours of Friday morning saw claims from Portugal that Liverpool have made a formal proposal, higher than that of Tottenham, so now look the likelier destination.