Not everyone in Denmark feels sorry for Pierre-Emile Højbjerg. The Southampton midfielder isn’t having the career he hoped for when moving to England, and it’s a real concern for the player’s future, both at club level and internationally.

Now way out of picture for the Danish national team, it looks like Højbjerg will be left picking up scraps at Southampton, especially after the club’s summer transfer business.

It’s a disappointing situation, after Højbjerg arrived from Bayern Munich with much hope attached. The 22 year talks a great game, but has been unable to replicate that on the pitch whilst in England.

Danish football agent Karsten Aabrink thinks it’s all the Southampton player’s own doing, and that Højbjerg only moved to the Premier League for the financial benefits of the transfer.

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Ekstra Bladet quote Aabrink as saying: “I can say with 90% certainty that he has chosen the money. He has chosen let’s say 20m (Danish Krone) instead of going to Holland and earning 4.5m.”

Aabrink doesn’t sound a big fan of the Southampton player generally, and suggested Højbjerg isn’t really of Premier League level anyway.

The only way Højbjerg can answer such criticism is by excelling on the pitch, and that could be difficult this season at Southampton.