With Marcel Brands in charge at Everton these days, there’s been a real push by the Toffees to focus on young talent.

Goodison Park has always been a breeding ground for young talent, but Brands’ modus operandi is signing young players and turning a profit on them in future, and he’s keen to replicate that on Merseyside.

His intention to focus on youth was seen last summer when the Blues focused their transfer business on young, up and coming players like Richarlison. This summer, it seems, will be more of the same.

Everton have been linked with several youngsters, for well-known starts such as Juventus’ Moise Kean to Santiago Sosa in Argentina. Another player like the latter is Adolfo Gaich.

The Blues were after the young Argentine striker back in June, and over the last few weeks, there have been periodic updates on him.

We covered a story on him last month, which claimed that he was travelling to Italy in search of an EU passport that he required a transfer. For the record, Argentine players often have Italian ancestors following mass immigration between 1857 to 1940.

There’s been no update on Gaich since then, but Vamosciclon say he remains on Everton’s radar and his agent confirms in an interview that there is interest in Europe.

“He is a player who is installed in the European market. We meet with several teams, and we will see if something more formal can come soon,” he says.

“If the chance to emigrate is convenient for the club and its career, it will not be ruled out.”

“If you can go for the clause ($15m), he will go away, but if you can sell a percentage, it would also be good because you would have a future return for San Lorenzo. “

This certainly feels like his agent putting the feelers out for a potential move. He knows the interest is there, but no club is moving forward at this moment in time.

$15m is not a high price by any means, particularly in today’s market, but given Gaich has only scored two goals in 13 games in his club career to date, perhaps they’re holding off to see how he develops first.