Gonzalo Montiel’s agent Marcelo Carracedo was invited by Fox Sports to speak about the player’s future.

The right-back has been linked to several European sides in the past few months, and his departure from River Plate this summer is very much likely.

But only two sides were named in this interview, and both will be playing the Premier League next season: Leeds United and West Ham.

The chat started with Marcelo Carracedo claiming this is the right time for the player to make the move to Europe.

“There are several interested teams that have asked about him,” he told Fox Sports (via Olé). “There are no concrete offers yet. We are facing a slow market that is just opening, so it is still a bit premature”.

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Then when speaking of Montiel’s possible destinations, Fox Sports journalists asked if there’s a big chance the player could move to England, since he’s been recently linked to both Leeds and West Ham.

“It is a league that despite the pandemic can face higher costs than others. In fact, with exceptions, in other leagues they are more with tricks or loans.

“On the other hand, the English league with the billing for the television rights have the possibility, especially medium clubs that in other places would be impossible to pay those numbers.”

West Ham have been linked to Montiel for a while now, with claims from Argentine saying they already made an attempt to sign him back in January. Leeds United’s interest seems more recent, since it’s only been reported once the Whites confirmed the Championship title.

The Marcelo Bielsa connection makes this a more exciting story for the Argentine media, and that’s why this is now being pushed.