Federico Pastorello, one of the best known agents in Europe, has arrived in England. P&P Sport Management have opened an office in Mayfair (where else!) and he’s been speaking to Tuttosport about it all.

They asked him to put a value on Harry Kane ahead of any possible transfer for the Tottenham star, and Pastorello explained: “Considering it was €180m for Kylian Mbappe, Kane is valued from €150-200m. He is the best centre forward in the world at the moment.

“To go from Tottenham isn’t simple: the president (Daniel Levy) is ambitious. But if he understands that a player is at the top and wants to go away, he eventually sells him. He knows he cannot offer Real Madrid salaries.”

Kane has been linked with Real Madrid for some time. That started off with the English media, but has recently been covered more widely in Spain, and in the media closest to Real Madrid.

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Nearly every time it’s mentioned with any seriousness in Spain, Levy is again a star of the show, with Florentino Perez said to be wary about dealing with Tottenham.

A fee of €150m sounds almost cheap in the current market for Kane.

Despite still being just 24 years of age, Kane is easily one of the best strikers on the planet, and with Pastorello also rating the player very highly, it’s perhaps a surprise he didn’t go for a bigger figure.

Whilst the agent prices a potential transfer at €150-200m, Levy may feel €200m is the least he’d accept.