Carlos Bacca to West Ham United should be dead. AC Milan should have accepted he’s not their golden goose this year, the player should have stopped dithering and ruled it out, and West Ham themselves should have moved on to other options.

And yet, it’s not dead. Earlier today we covered claims from Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport which said that West Ham had once again extended their deadline. The latest deadline is Friday, and there may well be something in that.

Tuttomercatoweb have spoken to Bacca’s agent, who could have killed the whole thing dead, but very much chose not to.

Sergio Barila said, when asked about the West ham deadline: “At the moment everything is calm. Friday the deadline for transfer to West Ham? I cannot talk about it, let’s wait and see what will happen.”

There’s every chance Barila is just as frustrated as AC Milan and West Ham United.