Kamil Jozwiak. Oh it was all so interesting to start.

In an international break, chancing upon a claim Leeds United had offered €200k for a 19 year old attacker was a break from the norm, but with every scratch of the surface there’s another oddity revealed.

The general story is that Jozwiak has a contract with Lech Poznan which ends in June, there is a way to extend that by a further season but only if he plays a lot of games, and that prospect isn’t really being taken seriously.

Lech have tried to get Jozwiak to sign a new deal, but he wanted playing guarantees, and after final talks on Monday collapsed, the youngster has decided he wants to move to Leeds United, but their offer has been rejected.

Now it seems there’s a murky agent situation which is more complicated than usual, even for Eastern Europe, with Polsat trying their best to bring some sense to that.

There’s been an agency change, and there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors, but Polsat quote a Lech spokesman as saying: “During the meeting (which we’d assume to be the one on Monday), the agent and father reported that they were not interested in the club’s offer and would like to transfer the player to Leeds United.”

Interestingly, the club spokesman gave that information as part of a lengthy explanation giving the club’s side of the story. It seems Lech are very eager to get the slant out there that Jozwiak is being badly advised and the club have done all they can to get him to renew, but things became unreasonable.

This one may get even messier, and Leeds United will surely have to be convinced by Jozwiak if they’re willing to get their hands dirty and try and force a move.