Mino Raiola has been especially vocal over the past three weeks, even by his own very vocal standards. The larger than life agent has thrown himself into the transfer window and right now is even over-shadowing Jorge Mendes.

That may not be a coincidence. Part of the Jose Mourinho to Manchester United saga was Zlatan Ibrahimovic and how he may have been connected to the managerial move.

With Ibrahimovic wrapped up in the Mendes situation, there’s every chance Raiola thought it time to show his own power in the transfer market right now, and who really manages the future of the Swedish striker and other stars.

Representing players including Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Zlatan, Raiola is set to play a central part in the summer’s biggest business.

Speaking to Spanish newspaper Marca for their Monday edition, Raiola has mainly been pushing the case of Pogba.

Marca pointed out it’s stated Real Madrid are one of the clubs interested in Pogba, to which Raiola replied: “It is not a secret. Every year I meet with Madrid, but also with United, Barcelona, City, Liverpool, Chelsea… It’s my job. In the last two years my relationship with Real Madrid is again clear and professional… Now there is serious dialogue, it’s positive. They know my character and how I am.”

Raiola, the master of insinuating everything but being crystal clear on little, would have one believe all those clubs want Pogba, even if some moves may seem unrealistic.

When asked again about interest in Pogba, Raiola added: “Sheikhs. Everybody. They are the clubs who can afford the money for Paul. He is an extraordinary talent.”

Marca’s concentration is obviously on their local heroes Real Madrid and pushed once again on if that would be Pogba’s ideal destination, Raiola said: “There are other important clubs like United, that was part of his life, Barcelona likes three attackers, PSG is Paris and he has a house there, but Real Madrid…”

Confirming meetings with all of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid, Raiola may well have been referring to the future of other players including Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan… and Mario Balotelli.

Raiola says there’s lots of fake stories about Balotelli in the media, which has always been the way, but the agent said Klopp needs to speak to the player first.

The agent was once again ambiguous on the future of Ibrahimovic, saying the Premier League is an option.