Italian side Parma had a pleasant surprise at the start of this season, since a 19-year-old newcomer has been impressing in his first few games.

Dejan Kulusevski has three assists and one goal in his eight appearances for the club, making it clear he was a great find when arriving on a one-year loan deal from Atalanta.

Website Parma Live managed to interview the player’s agent this week, trying to get more details from the negotiations which led him to the club.

And one of the questions was about a supposed interest from Manchester City, who have also been linked to the winger during the summer transfer window.

“For elegance I don’t name names, I only say that they were both Italian and foreign teams,” said Stefano Sem.

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“He’s a Swedish international, he’s a player who has a more international market than other guys even for a basic mentality and culture discourse. It’s clear that he’s a player that even at the national team, when he plays, it’s easier to follow than his other teammates who play for the Italian national team.

“The Italians have the ambition to play for Azzurri and maybe get in a big Italian club, a foreigner wants the top: if the top is in Italy good, if it’s abroad he goes abroad.”

During the interview, it has also been mentioned that Parma tried to sign the youngster on a two-year loan deal. But Stefano Sem claims that Atalanta would never allow that, as they want him back at the club in the next summer. So in case Manchester City remain interested, that’s the club they should negotiate with.