The saga involving Adrien Silva and Leicester City is far from an end, and got one more interesting chapter on Wednesday, when the BBC revealed the registration was made only fourteen seconds after the deadline.

The world press is all over it, and as all the Portuguese newspapers prepare their big stories for tomorrow’s issues, the player himself has apparently spoken to the local press about the matter.

As covered by Observador, Adrien talked to Sport TV and confirmed that Leicester City will be appeal the decision, expecting that he can be registered as soon as possible.

He’s reportedly said that ‘there’s still hope’ it can be done.

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Earlier today, we already covered an interview which Bruno de Carvalho gave to Sporting TV, in which the club president said that the Portuguese side did all their side right, and it was Leicester who were late confirming the transfer in FIFA’s system.

Adrien Silva and Leicester City would have to take the appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but will need an case that’s so good it’s unprecedented… because CAS don’t have a record of overturning these things.