When a newspaper like Sport picks a story which is not about Barcelona to put on their front page, that’s because they are taking it very seriously.

The Catalan outlet had already reported Luis Enrique’s negotiations with Chelsea on Tuesday, and now on Wednesday, their first story gives many more details on the talks which could bring the manager to London.

Chelsea are reportedly offering the Spaniard an ‘ambitious plan’. Since no top manager would accept a four-month contract, he would finish this season with the Blues and then have two more years to do his work.

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The first goal would be to finish the league in the top four, so the Blues could at least guarantee a spot in the next season’s Champions League.

Luis Enrique is said to be listening to other offers, but likes the project presented by the Blues, and living in London is also an idea that pleases him.

Regarding Antonio Conte, the newspaper claims that the Italian boss would stay for now, mostly for economic reasons.

Currently making €10m per year at the club, Chelsea want to think hard before taking any drastic decisions which would cost the club around €30m for sacking him.

The manager would only be fired now in case of bad results in the next two games, which will be both be played at the Stamford Bridge, against West Brom and Hull City.

In case the poor form continues, then the club hopes Antonio Conte could also acknowledge that and then they could find an agreement for his departure.

Roman Abramovich is said to have Enrique at the top of his list, and is relieved he’d be, not currently in a job elsewhere.

The Russian owner’s plan is to get Conte edged out, and preferably not have to agree to pay €30m to get rid of him. Given the Italian’s recent press conferences, Chelsea may find it hard negotiating that €30m deal down.