Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo is dividing fans in Argentina. Straight down the middle.

Newspaper Olé have recently conducted a poll asking which players should stay or be dropped from from the team. From the 125k people who voted, 50% want Rojo in, and the other half want him out.

He’s the only player in the squad who got this result, as all the others are divided between those who are wanted or not wanted.

Rojo’s Manchester United Sergio Romero, for example, is among the bad cases. The poll says that 65% of the fans want him dropped after the eight years he’s been regularly playing for the national team.

Capturar2Things aren’t good for former Manchester United player Angel Di Maria as either. The PSG star has 68% negative votes.

Argentina are currently in fifth place in their World Cup Qualification group, and would only get a play-off spot in this position. The fans’ anger with this generation is also explained by the 24 years with no titles and the three finals lost in the past decade.

Marcos Rojo and Sergio Romero have some impressing to do.