Portugal hasn’t had any updates on Adrien Silva’s case, as the player and Leicester City are still to make an appeal to FIFA in order to register the player as a summer signing.

Meanwhile, it’s still unclear who holds most ‘blame’ for the transfer going through the system late. Although the most reported theory is that Leicester City were at fault, claims from Portugal have suggested it was Sporting who delayed the negotiations.

And it seems that even Sporting’s fans are against the way the club acted, because many are unhappy with the negotiations of the transfer window.

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Newspaper O Jogo asked Sporting fans if they’re happy with the way the board dealt with the transfers of Adrien Silva and William Carvalho this summer. And the results, as you can see in the picture, aren’t very positive.

From the fans who were quizzed, 45% said no, 36.7% said yes, and and 18.3% didn’t answer our didn’t know what to say.

It seems like their supporters are tired of the unnecessary media attention that Bruno de Carvalho brings to the club, and seeing Adrien succeed with Leicester City and even helping the country in the World Cup, would be better than the current situation.