The Arsenal and Yacine Brahimi rumour is starting to get much more attention than it should.

On Tuesday, Record has an article saying the Gunners are “accelerating their attack” for the player after missing out on signing Riyad Mahrez, in a very similar story to what we covered from A Bola yesterday.

CapturarThey say the subject echoed in England and France, where a fee of €46m was mentioned.

Well, it didn’t echo, it was actually where the rumour started. The Daily Mirror said on Saturday that Arsenal are eyeing Brahimi and Porto would demand £40m for him.

But the English never never said Arsenal would accept to pay this amount, or that Arsene Wenger would have “the final word”, like Record suggest.

This story already seemed strange when pushed by A Bola, but at least now we could find the original source.

Everton are still mentioned, probably because of the same article from Sky Sports, as the arguments are the same: the player isn’t very keen on joining a club without Champions League football.

Brahimi keeps training separately as Porto are desperate to sell him before the end of the transfer window. They may dream that some English club will show up wanting to pay £40m for someone who’s not wanted by the Portuguese club, but they’re making a much bigger noise than what’s been really reported in England.