With Nicolas Otamendi’s recent form for Manchester City not being very good, Argentina fans had a pretty big reason to be worried about their defence against Germany.

What they probably didn’t expect was that it was another centre-back who would be the worst player in the team. That’s Manchester United’s Marcos Rojo.

Olé, the biggest sports newspaper in Argentina, has given the player a rating of 3 out of 10 for last night’s game. More than that, they had a story just to talk about how poor he’s been.

The big reason why Rojo is being blamed is Germany’s second goal. He tried to nutmeg a player on the left wing, and once he lost the ball, the defence was obviously wide open.

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Olé goes heavy on him, wondering why he’s still getting minutes for the national team, even after being absent for a while.

They show he hasn’t been playing a lot for Manchester United, especially because his performances are ‘unstable’.

Despite calling it a ‘fatal mistake’, Argentina ended up not losing the friendly, with the game ending with a 2-2 draw.