Tottenham Hotspur were terrible against AS Monaco on Tuesday night. The team went out looking disjointed, distracted and nothing likes Mauricio Pochettino’s team at their best.

That’s partly because it wasn’t Pochettino’s best team, with players being rested adding to injury issues. Nothing went right, and Tottenham were lucky to end the match with only a goal deficit, which had a lot to do with Monaco being sloppy in the final third.

French newspaper L’Equipe have rated the Tottenham players and it’s fair to say they weren’t impressed, except for with Hugo Lloris.

Heung-Min Son thoroughly deserves his 3 out of 10, and perhaps so does Kieran Trippier, although the latter was very busy and it can’t be denied he expended a lot of energy. Pochettino himself, so often the darling of the European media, got 5 out of 10.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 08.57.42At the other end of the scale is Lloris, and Spurs and Pochettino are lucky the Frenchman is content at the club. Patiently waiting for Champions League football, Lloris has seen it come and go in a flash, despite his own performances. He’d be forgiven for feeling frustrated at the line-up last night, and subsequent performance.

Tottenham could have put out a better line-up, but there’s one eye towards Chelsea at the weekend. Lying in fifth position, Spurs need to make sure they’re in a good position to qualify for next season’s Champions League, the whole process seeming rather confused right now.